Top 10 Most Expensive Car In The World

Koenigsegg CCX

Koenigsegg  is manufactured by Swedish automotive manufacture Koenigsegg automative.This is a mid engine sport car.This project start with the aim to making a global  car with  a global safety and enviroment regulations.It is most affordable model of the Jesko ,this year in Geneva.This is the most exoensive car in the world.Price of  Koenigsegg CCX is $4.8million .

Lamborghini Veneno

The Lamborghini veneno  manufactured  by Italian automolbile manufacture Lamborghini.This base on the Lamborghini Aventador .This was manufacture to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary. Veneno  is consistently focused on optimum aer odynamics and cornering stability for giving the vehicle.prices of Lamborghini Veneno is $4.5 million.

Lykan Hyper Sport

The Lykan hyper Sport  was found in 2012 with the collaboration of Labanese and Italian engineers. Hyper Sport car manufactured by W motorsof a United Arab Emirates based company.This was the first sport car desinged  and produced indigenously in the middle east.Prices of this $3.4 million.

Bugatii veyron

The Bugatti veyron was desined and developed  in Germany by the Volkswagen group and manufactured in molsheim. This is mid engine sports car.  Pierre Veyron give the name after the racing driver.This is the named car of the decade.BBC television programme top Gear give it best car award (2000-2009).This is the most seminal supercars in the 21st century.Prices of its $3.4 million.

Ferrari F60

This was designed by Aldo Costa,Nikolas Tombazis and john lley with Mario Almondo .The production of the car as the team director and Gilles Simon leading the engine and electronics design.This was unveiled in 12 January 2009.  Only ten of the new F60 Americas will be produced ,paying’s prices $2.5 million.

Koenigsegg one:1

In the First time this was introduced in 2014.In the Car industry this was one of the most exclusive production car programs ever envisaged .The First homologated production car in the wolrd with one Megawatt of power.koenigsegg offere the most expensive and powerful  model ever in a tiny production run.Prices of its $2.0 million.

Aston martin One 77

The Aston Martin sports car built by the British car manufacture Aston Martin.This was first publish in 2008 Paris Motor Show.It is a two door, two seater flagship sports  car.This was revealed in full at the 2009 Geneva Motor show .It also delivers from beginning of 2011.Prices of Aston martin One 77 is $1.4 million.

Pagani Huayra

This is a mid engine sports car.The Pagani Huayra car produced by italian sports car manufacturer Pagani. The hypercar of the year 2012 by top gear magazine .The Pagani Huayara has been sold out  on  11 February 2015. The Huayra is just one big conversation piece.Huayra has a titanium exhaust and gullwing doors.Prices of  Pagani  Huayra  is $1.4miilon.


Ferrari again produces an iconic ,praise worthy automoblie that beckons any enthusiast . This is based on finding from testing of the FXX development prototype.The horsepower hybtid system  161of LaFerrari . This is the first  mild hybrid produced.This is produced by the  Italian automotive merque .It’s prices $1.4 million.


Zenvo ST1

The Zenvo ST1 is manufactured byDanish company Zenvo  Automotive.This is a high performance sports car.Zenvo ST1 is the first model of the company.This is almost manufactured entirely ny the hands in a workers of the small team.  The price of this car is $1.2 million.The car prices in Denmark is around DKK 16 million.

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