If our villages were strong then these days would not have been seen today: PM Modi

During the lockdown, PM is addressing the public of the country for the third time through radio.

New Delhi:

Between the Corona period and the ongoing lockdown in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that after two months of lockdown, everything is once again opening in the country, so we need to be more vigilant. needed. He said that the government is firmly fighting against the corona, as well as the collective efforts of everyone in the country, the fight against the corona is being fought very strongly. The PM once again emphasized that two yards is very important.

PM Modi said that airplanes have started flying with all precautions, slowly industries have also started running, that is, a large part of the economy is now running. In such a situation, we need to be more vigilant. There should be a rule of two yards, there is a matter of putting a mask on the mouth, all these things have to be followed.

The Prime Minister also mentioned some such people of the country who are engaged in helping people continuously during the Corona period. Divyang Bhai Raju from Pathankot, Punjab, with the help of others, made more than 3000 masks with the help of a small capital, and distributed ration for 100 families. I praise all such people who are helping people with service, I congratulate them wholeheartedly.

The PM said that one more thing that touched my mind is that in this hour of crisis, innovation, from villages to cities, from small traders to start-ups, our labs are inventing new ways in the fight against Corona. Yes, they are innovating. Along with the will to change any situation, a lot depends on innovation as well. Thousands of years of mankind’s journey have reached this modern era only through continuous innovation.

He said that the entire nation is feeling the pain of the country’s workers today. The railway is constantly engaged in their service. The people of Eastern India play an important role in the country’s economy. Looking at the migrant laborers, it has become necessary to take many steps and we are moving towards that. The Prime Minister said that today a great need for self-reliant India is being felt. If our villages and towns were self-sufficient today, we would not have to see these days in the Corona era.

He said that the government is taking several steps to make migrant laborers skilled. Somewhere the skill mapping of workers is being done, somewhere the start-ups are engaged in this work, somewhere there is talk of making a migration commission. Also, the decisions the central government has just taken have opened up huge possibilities related to employment, self-employment and small scale industries in the villages.

Many people have told that they, they have made a complete list of the people they meet in their area. These people are now buying local products and promoting ‘Vocal for Local’.

The Prime Minister said that the path of fight against Corona is long. A disaster that the whole world does not have any treatment, which is not experienced before, then in such a situation we are experiencing new challenges and problems due to that. Another power with the determination power of the countrymen is our greatest strength in this fight and that is the service power of the countrymen.

The PM said that just a few days ago the number of beneficiaries of Ayushman India crossed one crore. If the poor had to pay for treatment after hospitalization, they would not have free treatment, then there is a rough idea that they had to spend more than 14 thousand crores from their pocket.

PM Modi said that I talk to all the big leaders of the world and everyone insists on the same thing and that is yoga. He said that Yoga Day is also getting closer, in such a way, the Ministry of AYUSH has taken a new initiative for the people. You can also send your three-minute video to the Ayush Ministry while doing yoga.

Referring to Super Cyclone Amfan, he said that the way the people of West Bengal and Odisha have faced this natural disaster is truly commendable. I want to assure them that the whole country is with them in this hour of crisis.

PM Modi, referring to the grasshopper party in Mann Ki Baat, said that nature has told us how a small creature is causing great devastation in our life. The government is taking many steps to protect the farmer brothers from the havoc of locusts.

The Prime Minister said that June 5 is Environment Day. In such a situation, all of us have to take a pledge that we will keep pace with our nature. PM said that the heat has increased, so we have to take care of the birds too. We have to arrange water for them. At the conclusion of Mann Ki Baat, the Prime Minister said that the lockdown is slowly opening up but the Corona crisis is not over yet, so we have to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. He said that two yards do, strictly follow masks and social distancing.

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